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a command line tab-delimited table viewer

Sheet.py source (click “View Raw File” on the right to download!)

(Requires the Python 2.x NumPy module.)

sheet.py is a Python script that lets you view a data table from the command line.

You can think of it as a very basic read-only command-line version of Excel.

Sheet.py is released under the BSD license. It is also part of the TimeForScience repository.


a puzzle game for the iPhone & iPad


Arctopia is a block-pushing puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

There are currently 133 different puzzles in the full version. The first ones are easy, but the later ones are excruciatingly difficult!

I have updated Arctopia to run natively on the iPad, and it now has iPhone 4 “Retina Display” high-resolution graphics.

Try it out! There’s a free version, and the full version is just a few dollars.


open-source UNIX & bioinformatics tools


TimeForScience is an BSD-licensed Google Code repository of bioinformatics tools and enhanced UNIX tools.

For example, TimeForScience includes a version of “join” that does not require the input to be sorted, and a version of “cut” that maintains the order of the columns as-specified.

TimeForScience contains BSD-licensed code from multiple contributors.